Is Truth Serum Effective???


Rusty: Is this a forum without Sauerkraut Oct 3, 2015 17:26:48 GMT
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♫anna♫: HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! lv Sept 24, 2015 14:59:48 GMT
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♫anna♫: 's drinking coffee like me! She must be part Irish! (rofl) Sept 21, 2015 15:41:02 GMT
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deyana: Yep, the same as here, blc. Those cows can be huge as well. I guess farmers around here get very relaxed about the animals and where they go. I just don't want to share the same walking trails as them though! Sept 8, 2015 16:25:42 GMT
blc: @ deyana, we used to live near a cattle auction house in the country and animals would get loose now and then. Excitement in the neighborhood, for sure! One night I nearly hit a large sow that had somehow slipped its pen. Sept 7, 2015 21:59:51 GMT
♫anna♫: HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! lv Sept 7, 2015 14:57:21 GMT
♫anna♫: Bears usually avoid areas where people live during the daytime. At night they might forage through a garbage dump. In the safety of your car with windows up you can watch them. Night photos usually aren't very good. Sept 4, 2015 20:03:48 GMT
deyana: Well... sometimes I will go looking for bears. Just hope I can get some good photos of them without having to be too close. rllys Sept 4, 2015 17:15:31 GMT
deyana: I reckon the bull must have got loose from the cattle farm down the road. I do my best to avoid them, anna! Sept 4, 2015 17:14:07 GMT
♫anna♫: A Bull running around loose and bears too ? Wow! Stay away from critters like that. Sept 3, 2015 13:59:04 GMT
deyana: Forget about the inner cities it's the countryside that will get ya! Sept 2, 2015 23:16:42 GMT
deyana: At first I thought it was a bear coming towards me. Don't know which is worse to bump into - a bear or a bull? shckd Sept 2, 2015 23:14:45 GMT